MINING INDABA SA urgently needs investor friendly framework
Investors will need to be given more certainty about the supply of key inputs such as electricity.
12 Feb 2015
LAW Celebrating Digby Wells Environmental's first 20 years
Digby Wells Environmental, 20 years ago today (the first Monday of the new year), opened the very same doors in Randburg, South Africa to a world of possibility.
29 Jan 2015
TOP 10 TRENDS FOR MINING Mining companies need different approaches to decision-making
Mining companies continue to grapple with challenging market conditions, including price volatility, geopolitical turmoil, rising costs, declining grades and a general lack of financing.
20 Jan 2015
INDABA 2015 Leading African and global mining executives and investors announced
The annual Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s preferred brand and destination in African mining
15 Jan 2015
OUTLOOK 2020 New view of triple bottom line could aid long-term stability of mining
Under heavy pressure from many different directions, mining companies operating in South Africa could potentially ease the burden by looking beyond the typical “triple bottom line” impact of their operations.
13 Jan 2015
Mining Leading provider of intuitive software solutions and services to the mining industry donates licenses
Stellenbosch University’s fourth year Geology students are gaining a better understanding of 3D modelling by using software donated by MICROMINE Africa
03 Oct 2013 - N. B.
Boom in coal industry Mozambique's infrastructure will experience growth in the coming years
According to the expected growth in coal mining in Mozambique, energy and transport infrastructure is set to expand over the next decade.
25 Jan 2013 - S. J.
Waterberg Coalfield The newest stock supplier of coal for South Africa
Pressure to move to a clean economy where renewable energy plays an important role has opened the door for the Waterberg coalfield, which simply put is a great opportunity.
18 Oct 2012 - J. F.

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