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SOLAR Trina Solar Acquires 28% Stake in Shuntai Leasing
Signs Cooperative Leasing Agreement with Shuntai to Finance its Downstream and Module Businesses
17 Dec 2014
Energy focus South Africa is the best place to invest in energy infrastructure
Investing in Africa should have great appeal despite the many risks and challenges involved. This is according to Cornelis van der Walt, who leads a team of research analysts at Frost & Sullivan
05 Apr 2013
Uranium price to increase The global demand, particularly from emerging markets for uranium, sets in motion a price increase
Southern Africa is set to benefit from the rising demand for nuclear power seeing that emerging economies are developing, and has 13 major nuclear development projects on the go in the region
11 Jan 2013 - S. J.
Keeping it clean China continues to lead global clean energy technology markets
Renewable energy efficiency is achievable with the use of clean technology – a fore runner of clean tech being China.
21 Dec 2012 - R. D.
Waterberg Coalfield The newest stock supplier of coal for South Africa
Pressure to move to a clean economy where renewable energy plays an important role has opened the door for the Waterberg coalfield, which simply put is a great opportunity.
18 Oct 2012 - J. F.


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