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Let the sunshine in Solar power essential
Whether building an affordable home or a luxury condo, energy saving construction techniques are invaluable, as building an energy efficient house will not only cut costs in the
17 Oct 2019
Energy training Another 112 SA energy professionals join international rankings
The Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) has been creating Legends in Energy in the Southern African region for the past 11 years
19 Nov 2013 - E. T. F.
A positive response to 49M campaign Research has shown that citizens in South Africa have taken to heart the importance of saving electricity
Nationwide research on the prevalence of the 49M energy-saving campaign among South Africans has revealed that 73% of consumers are aware of the campaign and have been inspired to change their behaviour
22 May 2013 - S. D.
China Sourcing Fair Energy saving drive can help SA
China has realised the importance of energy saving technologies and can help South Africa benefit from its latest technological offerings at the China Sourcing Fair which takes place at the end of the month.
15 Nov 2012 - M. S.


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