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Taking the lead in GWO basic safety training A South African rope access specialist is helping the country’s workforce to operate safely in the burgeoning renewable energy industry
Access Inspection Development (AID) South Africa is showcasing its training expertise in rope access skills, heavy lifting and rigging for rope access at November’s annual
10 Oct 2016
Tunisian electricity sector Political turmoil and economic slowdown create market uncertainty amidst escalating electricity demand
Frost & Sullivan has found that the Tunisian energy sector requires supportive regulations that are crucial to its development.
04 Jul 2013 - S. J.
Artisans needed in RE Scarce skills permits needed for renewable energy programme
The prompt and efficient rollout of government’s renewable energy programme is possible only if we can import the skills necessary for the development of these new industries
10 Dec 2012 - K. S. / V. S.
Skills development Education programmes take root in a challenging industry
Today, where carbon footprints and the environmental impact of fossil fuel energy technology is a concern for the energy sector, Siemens reports that skills development programmes are slowly bridging the gap
19 Oct 2012 - J. F.


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