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Promoting The Relationship Between Water And Energy By Using Intelligent Technology With high electricity costs and water shortages
With high electricity costs and water shortages as a result of the ongoing drought conditions, innovative technologies have become crucial to conserve and preserve the
03 Apr 2017
Nuon Solar Team TomTom Announces Sponsorship of Nuon Solar Team
TomTom (TOM2) today announced support of the Technical University Delft-based team in the Sasol Solar Challenge. TomTom will be providing the 8 students with its flagship products
23 Sep 2016
TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS Burgeoning African middle class
In 2012, only 101 of the world’s 220 countries achieved economic growth rates of 3.4% or higher. Of those 101, 35 were in sub-Saharan Africa—eight of which boasted
22 Sep 2014
The new Zero-Blade Wind Convertor Innovation prize for Africa announces 2013 finalists
Innovators Hassine Labaied and Anis Aouini from Saphon Energy, a Tunisian R&D start up, developed a wind turbine with no blades that does not rotate – it uses sailboat technology
24 Apr 2013
Powerhouse performers Frost and Sullivan awarded nine companies for their precedent-setting, best-in-class practices
Africa’s top industry performers were honoured at Frost & Sullivan’s annual Best Practices Awards Banquet held in Cape Town late November last year.
10 Jan 2013 - S. J.
Sasol Solar Challenge Powered by the sun
​The Sasol South Africa Solar Challenge vehicles reached Cape Town, Canal Walk on 21 September, having started their epic +- 5000 km journey across South Africa on Tuesday, 18 September in Pretoria.
25 Sep 2012 - H. N.


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