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Where are we headed? Frost & Sullivan’s power systems leader, Johan Muller muses about power supply versus power demand in South Africa
The South African energy landscape is currently see-sawing between having just enough power to keep the lights on and instances where the lights go off during peak demand scenarios.
28 Dec 2012
Weighing costs of alternative grid connections Uncertain energy security drives exploration of alternative energy technologies
South Africa is currently caught in the middle of an energy balancing act, where reserve margins are low, compared to the global recommended level of 15%.
12 Dec 2012 - S. J.
A good question Should Eskom tariff hikes be any higher?
South Africans are increasingly concerned with Eskom's tariff hikes, but with the decommissioning of the older power stations and making way for new ones. Question is whether the tariffs should be higher.
20 Nov 2012 - J. M.
The future of waste initiatives in SA Available finance determining factor
Availability of financing will determine the future of 'waste to energy' initiatives in South Africa, says Frost & Sullivan
07 Nov 2012


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