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New technologies ease SA into a low-carbon future By Alessandra Pardini, a Partner at Webber Wentzel
Power shortages and a transition to a lower-carbon future, in line with SA’s Paris Agreement commitments, will require the country to harness new technologies. Energy
11 Apr 2019
Full range of alternative power solutions from Cummins Full range of alternative power solutions from Cummins to help cope with load shedding
From mines to factories and even the small business and residential sector, Cummins has a full range of alternative power solutions on offer. Its technology is particularly suited
28 Feb 2019
Press Release Renewed load shedding sees Hire It power up genset sales
From gensets specifically for the construction industry, to open-set petrol back-up gensets for residential and small office applications, Hire It (Natal) (Pty) Ltd. has a range
20 Feb 2019
Optimising the Transmission System in Mozambique Several reactive power compensation projects have been completed across the entire network of Mozambique by EOH Power Systems
Although the electrification rate in Mozambique is approximately 12%, which is well below the average for Sub-Saharan Africa, the government of Mozambique is targeting 20%
18 Sep 2017
ENERGY CRISIS Power Crisis Negatively Affecting Precious Metals Sector
Load shedding and the impact of the ongoing power crisis on South Africa's mining and metal extracting sectors featured high on the agenda during the 2015 Africa Mining Indaba. Industry leaders.
23 Feb 2015
Weighing costs of alternative grid connections Uncertain energy security drives exploration of alternative energy technologies
South Africa is currently caught in the middle of an energy balancing act, where reserve margins are low, compared to the global recommended level of 15%.
12 Dec 2012 - S. J.


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