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Oil and gas in SA With South Africa currently importing the bulk of its oil needs, the prospect of becoming self-sufficient in terms of this much sought after resource for at least four years is a most welcome development which should boost the country’s economy immensely
French oil firm, Total, in February this year announced the discovery of a large “gas condensate” 175 kilometres off the south coast of South Africa at its
27 Aug 2019
Chinese Oil and Gas Investors on African opportunities Centurion CEO speaks to Chinese Oil and Gas Investors on African opportunities
A team of attorneys from Centurion is in China this week to participate in the EG Ronda Licensing Roadshow being held today and tomorrow at the Kempinski Hotel Beijing. Led by CEO
04 Jul 2019
Oil And Gas To Fuel Oil and gas to fuel west coast growth
The oil and gas sector is the fastest growing in South Africa, and a slew of recent announcements show that the vision for the Saldanha Bay is already bearing fruit. A month ago,
20 Oct 2017
Events Oil & Gas Africa 2016 Conference – Focus on Logistics
The world’s oil and gas industry is probably experiencing its most tumultuous period since the infamous oil crisis of 1973.
12 May 2016
GAS Pragmatic regulation: Keys to fostering development of Africa’s gas industry
Government policy at present is to regulate and control an industry that is at its infancy, creating uncertainty and driving away much-needed investment in exploration to confirm whether South Africa has offsho
30 Jun 2015
OIL AND GAS The Cure for Low Oil Prices?
The price per barrel of Brent crude oil had been above US$100 for a number of years and seemed relatively stable around that area, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil had also seen spikes above US$100
15 Dec 2014
OIL AND GAS Wake up, South Africa
Awareness is key for oil and gas players looking to tap into South Africa’s energy renaissance; the country must raise the profile of its oil and gas industry if the true
08 Sep 2014
OIL AND GAS President Zuma, please don't sign
For those of us who have been following the progress of the MPRDA Bill as it tumbles towards promulgation, we have repeatedly felt twinges of indignation and disbelief occasioned
26 May 2014 - C. S.
Delivering high pressure solutions to the Oil & Gas sector RMI looks at the requirements for success
Working safely and efficiently in the oil and gas industry not only requires expertise, but also equipment which is designed to perform in the demanding and highly regulated sector.
17 Mar 2014
Oil and Gas Petroplan opens regional hub in SA
Petroplan, the global recruiter for the oil and gas industry, is opening a new South African office. The office – Petroplan’s first in Africa – is located in Century City, Cape Town
19 Nov 2013 - A.


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