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South Africa should open the door wider for renewables By Maxine Ghavi, Group Senior Vice President and Head of Grid Edge Solutions Product Group, ABB
South Africa’s advanced industrial and financial sectors, together with its abundant natural resources, have contributed in making it the second largest economy in Africa.
09 Oct 2019
Energy Delivery A no-wires approach to energy delivery
Robben Island, a grim landmark of isolation and oppression, has evolved into a space for critical dialogue, remembrance, education, tourism and conservation. The progressive
06 Jun 2018
Power of renewable energy for South African communities Robben Island solar microgrid demonstrates power of renewable energy for South African communities
Cape Town, South Africa: SOLA Future Energy has succeeded in designing and constructing a solar energy microgrid for Robben Island.  The system, situated on the World
20 Oct 2017
Seeing green What the future holds for SA: Vision 2030
A water and energy resource crisis is looming in South Africa. It is estimated that by 2030 South Africa will suffer a 17% gap between the supply and demand of natural resources
15 Oct 2012 - T. S.


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