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Smart Cities Responsibilities plus technology creates Smart Cities
Smart cities use information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance liveability, workability and sustainability, thereby improving the life of its residents[1].
08 Nov 2019
Smarter cities are safer cities As technology evolves at exponential pace, and increasing numbers of individuals live in urban areas, the concept of Smart Cities is gaining momentum.
Smart Cities rely on massive volumes of data being gathered by sensor-based technology and fed into intelligent networks. If developed cohesively, these networks can integrate
26 Jan 2017
David Bartlett: The building whisperer Africa could be the vanguard of a new global movement to smart cities
Experts say South African cities have the potential to be the first truly 'smart' cities on the continent and develop significant competitive advantage in this regard - if the conversation starts now.
13 Feb 2013 - N. A.


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