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The water battery as a natural power storage facility Max Bögl Wind AG demonstrates its new power plant and storage concept at the ESNA in California
Max Bögl Wind AG will present its products with a globally unique natural storage technology at this year’s Energy Storage North America (ESNA) fair in San Diego. From
08 Aug 2017
Rugged battery cabinets New range of rugged battery cabinets
A new range of battery cabinets has been released by power provisioning specialist, Powermode. The locally-manufactured units are marketed under the Q-on banner and are suitable
27 Feb 2017
U.S.-South Africa Workshop U.S.-South Africa Workshop on Energy Storage Standards, Conformance and Technology
Energy storage increases the flexibility of the electrical grid and helps to incorporate renewable energies into acountry’s energy mix. If deployed effectively, energy
27 Feb 2017
Power Sector Challenges Overcoming Africa’s Power Sector Challenges
The African Development Bank (AfDB) says over 640 million Africans have no access to power, while the electricity access rate for African countries is just over 40 per cent - the
13 Oct 2016
Technology Optimize your PV business with SolarEdge DC Optimized Inverters
With the increasing number of PV systems being installed in South Africa, it is important to establish a skilled installation work force to be competitive. As the cost per watt of PV hardware drops...
09 May 2016


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