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Press Release BT Industrial diversifies its service offering for the mining industry
Industrial solutions provider BT Industrial is diversifying into heavy engineering services for the mining industry. With innovation as its key driver, the 100% black-owned
05 Dec 2018
Liquid Fuels Transformation in liquid fuels sector is a sustainability issue
Despite much work by the industry and government, and the signing of the first industry charter in 2000, the liquid fuels sector has still not achieved significant transformation.
30 May 2017
African Climate Reality Project New energy mix key for greener economy and job sustainability
With Workers Day approaching on 1 May, the African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) recognises the contribution of South Africans who work in the energy-generating sector and enable
08 May 2017
Power Sector Challenges Overcoming Africa’s Power Sector Challenges
The African Development Bank (AfDB) says over 640 million Africans have no access to power, while the electricity access rate for African countries is just over 40 per cent - the
13 Oct 2016
Utilities Global power utility business models face disruptive change
Disruptive forces – distributed power generation, technology changes, and a new breed of customer – mean that the traditional power utilities business model which has endured for decades is under threat
08 Oct 2013 - P.


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