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Geothermal energy in Africa Development in East Africa boosted by USD 7.5 million
A new project supported by the African Development Group plans to exploit the geothermal potential in the Lake Assal region to enable Djiboutian population’s access to reliable, renewable and affordable energy
08 Jul 2013 - A. P. O.
David Bartlett: The building whisperer Africa could be the vanguard of a new global movement to smart cities
Experts say South African cities have the potential to be the first truly 'smart' cities on the continent and develop significant competitive advantage in this regard - if the conversation starts now.
13 Feb 2013 - N. A.
The ultimate objective Striking a balance between the environment and economics
Clean technology projects are the newest commodity on the market. In South Africa's context, this could be the solution to the problem of proving cheaper energy to all.
02 Oct 2012


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