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10th Annual Africa Energy indaba 2018 Global and national energy experts prepare to attend the 10th Annual Africa Energy indaba 2018
The 10th edition of the Africa Energy Indaba, is the African energy event organised for Africans, by Africans, in Africa.  It is also the regional Africa event of the
19 Feb 2018
WEC: Launch of online resource for energy info World Energy Council provides platform for its data to be viewed by all
There is now a brand-new online resource enabling businesses, governments, academia and the media to search for and explore global energy information
22 Feb 2013 - M. T.
Energy sector transition blocked Drivers of power agenda
Speakers at the World Energy Leaders Summit held earlier this year focused on energy as a global concept in terms of energy pricing, global economic issues and volatility.
04 Feb 2013 - M. T.
Lots of uranium good for SA Nuclear debate set to intensify
While nuclear power stations have been phased out in many parts of the world due to past disasters, the debate about nuclear power as an alternative to coal-fired power is heating up.
29 Jan 2013 - M. M.


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