Overcoming colder ambient temperatures A multitude of South African industries including food and & bev, lubricant, petroleum and automotive are faced with the drawbacks of colder ambient
Electrical heat tracing (EHT) can overcome these challenges by keeping products at an optimal temperature, lowering viscosity and ensuring that they are easier to transport around
02 Nov 2017 - S. r.
John Thompson completes watertube boilers contract for sugar mill in Java John Thompson recently carried out performance tests following the completion of the assembly and erection of two 100 t/h multi-fuel water-tube boilers and pre-boiler plant as supplied to the Indonesian government's new sugar mill in Eastern Java
John Thompson was awarded the multi-million rand contract in late-2013 and manufactured and supplied the pressure parts, combustion equipment and other critical components, while
02 Nov 2017
Water and power efficiency walk hand in hand South African mining companies can manage water usage as part of a wider, integrated strategy for sustainable business
The persistent drought in most of South Africa over the last couple of years and especially in the Western Cape province these last two years should serve as a wakeup call to
02 Nov 2017 - S. A.
Starting the journey towards energy efficiency According to the International Energy Agency, many companies are using up to 100% more energy than they would if they were best practice, energy efficient business. Is yours one of them?
After the power crisis of 2007 and 2008—and the steep rises in electricity costs that followed—South African industrial groups moved fast to reduce their energy
02 Nov 2017 - F. B.
A UPS Technology Review: how much has changed? An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with battery backup, is an electrical apparatus that is used to provide emergency power to a load or process where the input power source or mains power fails. This technology has been around for almost 50 years and has become a staple in our everyday business needs.
Although much has changed since the early low-frequency ferro UPS systems that were first introduced in the 1980s, much remains the same: industries need a constant reliable power
02 Nov 2017 - M. d. S.
From stilettos to work boots August was a Woman's Month in South Africa and a time to reflect on equality between women and men. Equality in the workplace is one of the main issues of modern society, but a lot of headway has been made to offer women the same opportunities as men.
These opportunities also stretch much further than before, incorporating jobs on construction sites far from the big city lights. Morati Kemokotlile, procurement officer on the
02 Nov 2017 - S. r.
Three aspirations for Long Distance EVs All the publicity currently goes to the race to make regular and premium cars have longer range. This is because most people want only one car so it must be capable of the long distance trip however rare. That must be achieved despite the inadequacy of charging points in number, speed and compatibility of interface and payment means.
Mainstream pure electric cars typically now have a doubled range of 300-400 kilometers (185-250 miles). A premium vehicle such as the Sun Flyer pure electric aircraft or Tesla S
02 Nov 2017 - D. P. H.
Two decades of excellence The University of Pretoria has been teaching project management at postgraduate level since the 1970s and by the end of August 1997, a practical 20-day project management programme, the Programme in Project Management (PPM), was launched. Since then, the programme has been presented 154 times.
While the responsibility for the academic content of the programme is developed by the Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) at the University of Pretoria (UP),
30 Oct 2017
Windaba Conference and Exhibition Speakers 2017 Transition to continuous improvement using asset management strategies
This year’s Windaba Conference and Exhibition will take a long-term view of the management of  South Africa’s wind energy market assets. This dynamic
30 Oct 2017
Programme Announcement! 2017 Windaba Conference and Exhibition
Under the theme ‘Wind Power: Building futures’, the 2017 Windaba Conference and Exhibition aims to bolster strategic partnerships and cross border alliances on the
30 Oct 2017
Climate change adaptation standards are necessary: The alternative is unacceptable Why we should consider climate change adaptation standards as part of the climate governance toolkit?
A few years ago, a colleague of mine who heads up the environmental planning and climate resilience efforts of a mid-sized African city confessed she just threw out every
30 Oct 2017 - S. C. M. P.
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Energy Forecast magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that is South Africa’s pre-eminent energy publication, giving its readers the opportunity to
30 Oct 2017


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