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POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa to share light for Nelson Mandela Day Africa’s premier power sector conference will light up rural areas of Africa, when it comes out in support of SolarAid to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day.
POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa, staged in Johannesburg by PenWell Corporation, opens on 18 July 2017 – the day South Africans marks Nelson Mandela Day. To commemorate
21 Jun 2017
Drone industry contributes millions to the SA economy The Drone industry is poised to make a multibillion rand contribution to the country’s beleaguered economy, a leading economic expert revealed during an industry conference.
Economist, Dr Roelof Botha was delivering his Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) of the South African Drone industry at a special conference last week, The Drone Con: A Drone
21 Jun 2017
Energy Efficiency Charting a new vision for energy efficiency
As part of its rebranding, the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation is redefining its purpose and vision. We take cognizance of our current recession with its
21 Jun 2017
New Player Enters SA Water-Heating Industry With High-Tech Energy-Efficient Solutions New Player Enters SA Water-Heating Industry With High-Tech Energy-Efficient Solutions
Hot water costs can account for 40-60% of users’ total electricity bill. The newest player in the highly competitive water-heating sector offers solutions for the
15 Jun 2017
New trucks in South Africa UD Trucks Croner launch: Jacques Michel, president of Volvo Group Trucks Asia Sales
UD Trucks Cromer launch at Kyalami Race Track: Jacques Michel, president of Group Trucks Asia Sales chat to Big Six about this versatile new truck that is set to make waves in the mid to heavy truck segment.
12 Jun 2017
ENERGY SAVINGS Impressive Energy Savings
With colder temperatures already being experienced, South Africans will once again see their electricity bills rising by up to 40% as winter takes its toll. Fortunately,
06 Jun 2017
NEMLA 2017 Proposed amendments to the section 28 duty of care under NEMA
Focusing on the Bill's proposed changes to section 28 of NEMA, regulating the duty of care and remediation of environmental damage. The section 28 duty of care under NEMA The
06 Jun 2017
Yesterday the United States announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a historic pact to combat the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a
06 Jun 2017
Wind energy in cold climate Sweden and the Netherlands collaborate on wind energy in cold climate
RISE, Research lnstitutes of Sweden, aims to establish a test centre in Sweden, where the global wind industry can test their equipment in cold climate conditions. ECN, Energy
06 Jun 2017
Liquid Fuels Transformation in liquid fuels sector is a sustainability issue
Despite much work by the industry and government, and the signing of the first industry charter in 2000, the liquid fuels sector has still not achieved significant transformation.
30 May 2017
Overcoming colder temperatures Overcoming colder ambient temperatures with EHT this winter
A multitude of South African industries including food and beverage (Food & Bev), lubricant, bitumen, petrochemical and automotive will in the coming winter months again be
25 May 2017
SMART LIVING SOLUTIONS INITIATIVE Energy partners and Nedbank partner to launch Smart Living Solutions Initiative
Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners, and part of the PSG group of companies, in collaboration with Nedbank, is offering an exclusive campaign aimed
24 May 2017
One Scandal Too Many Dave Mohr (Chief Investment Strategist) & Izak Odendaal (Investment Strategist), Old Mutual Multi-Managers
For US equity investors, the latest controversy around President Donald Trump was one too many. After the US election, equities and the US dollar rallied on the expectation that
24 May 2017
Energy Revolution Africa Mini grids set to electrify industry
African policy makers are hesitant about renewable energy because they’ve not been adequately exposed to the impact it could have on the continent’s economic growth.
19 May 2017
Video interview Mining's young guns: BG Holdings directors Zack Beukman and Brett Pritchard
Mining's young guns: BG Holdings directors Zack Beukman and Brett Pritchard chat to Mining Prospectus editor Gregory Simpson about their highly productive first year of business.
18 May 2017

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