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Upgrades to the 2016 event include extended conference and exhibition hours, an enhanced investor programme, remodelling of the conference agenda, and more specialised networking opportunities to an already robust deal-making platform. Among the many interesting suggestions received from the 2015 delegates, the Mining Indaba placed significant investment where the delegates could leverage maximum opportunity.

”We're committed to delivering the best possible experience for all our delegates,” said Mining Indaba managing director Jonathan Moore. “We are confident that our investment of time and resources will enable our delegates and sponsors to augment their ability to make the necessary connections and access the critical information to guide their deal-making process.”

In 2015, Mining Indaba began a multi-phased transformation that included the launch of a high-touch investor programme and the first steps to recalibrating the conference agenda to incorporate a more holistic perspective on investing in Africa and its mining sector. The remodelled agenda incorporates multivariate views from global investors, an inside perspective on the macro-investment climate in Africa, and a new approach to the corporate mining presentations. These agenda enhancements, combined with the extended conference and exhibitor hours, will provide a more comprehensive educational and networking experience for the delegates.  

Mining Indaba just recently released its 2016 conference brochure. As the continent’s largest mining event, it will once again host the largest contingency of mining corporates, official African and non-African government delegations, and the most internationally diversified assortment of investors and deal-makers with a common interest in African mining.

Agenda changes for 2016

A new start time: Content on the main stage will now kick off at 9:15am on Monday 8 February 2016. To ensure that all delegates can maximise their time in Cape Town and be fully prepared for the week of meetings ahead, we will be starting the conference with thought provoking keynotes on the main stage on Monday morning.

Interactive commodity panels: Analysts and mining companies will form interactive panels to discuss the outlook for gold, platinum, minor metals and rare earths, coal, iron ore and copper over the course of the three-day conference. The panels will offer both forecasts for the featured commodities and greater insights from the mining companies on what strategies they are taking in light of future supply and demand predictions.

More market focused discussions: Mining Indaba is pleased to be launching more opportunities to discuss the overarching themes that impact mining on the continent and chances to identify the longer term and more sustainable investment opportunities. Leading investors from sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and private equity funds will participate in in-depth conversations on attractive projects and in what form funding can be accessed.

Investment Discovery Forum (IDF) becomes integrated: The IDF will remain an exclusive event for the mining companies and investors to meet but will now run parallel to other conference sessions each afternoon from 8 - 11 February 2016 in the Westin Ballroom. The rescheduling of IDF will enable investors to make it a central component to their main event schedule.

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