Brings together Africa’s leading women in energy

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The third annual Women in Energy conference, organised by the Africa Energy Indaba, will bring together Africa’s leading women in the energy sector on Monday 20th February at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

The Africa Energy Indaba was the first energy conference on the continent to launch a specialised event for the promotion and empowerment of women in the energy sector and the theme of the 2017 one-day conference is “Developing African women Leaders to create our energy future”.

Research indicates that overcoming gender inequality and gender-related legal restrictions would increase annual GDP growth in sub-Saharan Africa by 0.75 percent.

Liz Hart, the Managing Director of Women in Energy commented, “It is important for women to play a bigger role in the workplace in Africa, where women play a disproportionately active role as breadwinners and caretakers of the future generations on the continent. If more women were represented in the continent’s energy sectors, which are responsible for providing electricity access to improve the quality and standard of living, then many more people would have access to quality education and healthcare.”

Global research shows that empowering women in the workplace makes economic sense. According to Janet Riccio, Executive Vice President of the Omnicom Group, “Women’s leadership is more than important in today’s world; it’s imperative. Whether it’s the public or private sector, organisations that are led by inclusive leadership teams make better decisions that deliver better results. The qualities that are required to lead in the 21st century include the ability to connect, collaborate, empathize, and communicate—all qualities that tend to be “female” in nature. Women in leadership roles position organisations in a way that makes them fit for the future.”

The Africa Energy Indaba’s Women in Energy conference is designed to aid the increase in leadership and development of women involved in the African energy sectors. The event comprises a number of keynote addresses by leading African women as well as a number of panel sessions. The event provides a platform for women (and men who are involved in empowering women in the workplace) to network, share their knowledge, discuss achievements and encourage the advancement of women across all sectors of the energy industry.

Through its vast network of collaborative relationships with various ministries such as the Department of Energy and other key stakeholder organisations, Women in Energy provides delegates with access to networks that are committed to seeing the energy sector benefit from more female representation.



  • Women and men in senior leadership positions within the energy and related industry companies
  • High-potential women looking to enhance and advance their careers
  • Industry professionals responsible for hiring, developing and advancing an equitable workforce



Knowledge of how men and women can join forces to create the workplace of the future
Insights into the success factors of women in the C-suite and input into continuing research
A new approach to assimilating a generation of women leaders into companies
Enlightenment around the past, present and future of women’s compensation globally
Awareness of senior roles in the marketplace available and being acquired by women
Success stories from representatives of leading companies on designing, implementing, sustaining and measuring women’s initiatives

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