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The industry-leading 2017SAEEC Conference features parallel seminars and exhibitions that tie into this year’s theme

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“Energy efficiency for sustainable growth and prosperity.” 

Actions in the energy sector can make or break efforts to achieve the world’s agreed climate goal. Energy production and use account for around two-thirds of global greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, meaning that the energy sector must be at the heart of global action to tackle climate change (IEA, 2015).

The SAEEC believes that energy is one of the single most important drivers of socioeconomic development and human well-being. Energy efficiency in particular, saves money amidst rising energy costs. It also drives innovative green technologies, supports a cleaner environment and will enhance competitiveness in a world committed to reducing GHG emissions through climate change.

Join various stakeholders from the energy sector to understand the policy frameworks and progress of initiatives that link your own efforts towards sustainable growth and prosperity as a professional, business or organisation.


The SAEEC’s continuous drive for information dissemination and awareness creation and linking stakeholders is represented in this, its flagship event, the 2017SAEEC Conference. Already in its twelfth year, 2017SAEEC has something for stakeholders across the energy industry including:

  • A showcase of the latest energy-efficiency technology, products, services and solutions in a world-class exhibition
  • A comprehensive overview of all the economic, policy developments and industry trends
  • Networking opportunities and visibility
  • Outstanding presentations from industry thought leaders
  • Knowledge sharing and gathering to shape the critical decisions regarding your entity’s energy and economic future
  • The SAEEC’s new cocktail networking event where special recognitions will be announced
  • Opportunities to make an impact in a burgeoning industry through sponsorship, attendance or exhibiting.


The last two highly successful SAEEC Conferences attracted more than 600 niche market delegates representing more than 300 entities seeking up-to-date and relevant information in the energy sphere. This year, we’re expecting energy professionals in all areas including:

  • End-users of energy in the industrial, mining, construction and commercial sectors
  • Consultants
  • Service  and solution providers (ESCOs), such as engineers, facility managers, corporate directors, contractors, corporate directors, developers, architects and other professionals
  • M&V practitioners
  • Climate change consultants
  • Clients considering sustainability projects
  • Product suppliers in the energy sector that service the end-user market
  • Individual professionals in the energy sector
  • Stakeholders in the legislative, authoritative, standardisation and governmental sector
  • Educational institutions and students
  • Government institutions.

Technologies and services

The 2017SAEEC Conference targets the complete spectrum of technologies and services relevant to delegates.

These include:

  • Energy engineering, innovation and technologies
  • International and local standards  
  • Financial, tax and carbon incentives 
  • Business case for energy management and optimisation 
  • Renewable, biofuel and alternative energy 
  • Low carbon transport
  • Combined heat and power 
  • Co-generation and distributed generation 
  • Lighting efficiency and management 
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V) 
  • HVAC systems and controls 
  • Building automation and optimisation 
  • Green building standards, technologies and maintenance 
  • Facilities management optimisation 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Thermal storage and load management 
  • Boilers and combustion controls 
  • Demand side management 
  • Load shifting and shedding 
  • Solar and fuel cell technologies 
  • Water-heating technologies 
  • Energy services and project financing 
  • Gender mainstreaming in the energy sector
  • National energy management programmes 
  • Business and human resource structures 
  • Applications to National Energy Management programs
  • Many more tips and topics

What is the SAEEC?

The South African Energy Efficiency Confederation is a non-profit coordinating body for energy efficiency in Southern Africa. It is one of 90 chapters of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Our vision is to be the recognised link in energy efficiency for sustainable growth and prosperity in Southern Africa. We believe in the growth and enhancement of business sustainability with a specific focus on energy use.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This event offers many sponsorship opportunities to enhance your visibility to a targeted potential client and partnership base, across the energy industry. Choices range across budgets and sponsors can be assured of brand prominence, while simultaneously contributing to energy efficiency knowledge sharing and quality conference attendance. The SAEEC has in place a strategic multimedia marketing campaign including direct communication, paid advertising and online promotions. Our editorials distributed through the SAEEC electronic newsletter and interviews on SAEEC’s Green Hour with Kingfisher FM are very popular.

Exhibition Opportunities

The 2017SAEEC Conference exhibition hall will be packed with decision makers that you and your organisation cannot reach at any other single energy-related event in Southern Africa. Exhibition space is available at affordable rates, with awards and press coverage for the most recommended stands to be presented at the SAEEC’s Cocktail networking event. Guarantee your entity a prominent location by reserving your space now from more than 50 sites.

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