Zeroth: Can I save on my electricity costs?

The answer to the question, as Barack Obama would put it, is a resounding YES YOU CAN!


We doubt that we need to explain the numerous benefits of ‘going solar’, but through answering the question, we will touch on some of them. Suffice to say, in a country where electricity is becoming a rapidly more expensive luxury commodity ...and in a World where pollutants generated by the current sources of electricity mean we are fighting for the survival of the planet, embracing clean solar energy generated purely by the rays of the sun, is no longer an option but an absolute necessity.

“Easy to say”, I hear you retort, “but the high up-front cost is just not something my business can afford.” I hear you and empathize ...and our passion and absolute commitment to saving this planet, is exactly why we sort a solution.

The answer is in the rental of solar energy as opposed to the outright purchase of it

Zeroth energy offers a rental solution that makes it possible (actually even easy) for every company or individual to install, maintain and have the benefits of solar energy. 

Do I ever own the system? 

  • Yes you do! After the rental period of between 5 to 10 years you own the system outright …and more good news is Zeroth Energy only use Tier 1 Solar Panels with a 25 year power linear warranty. This means after 25 years they still make 80% of the electricity they do today … that’s only  a 0.7% degrading per year and no other technology degrades that slowly, making it the best in the world.

A few good reasons to talk to Zeroth right now

  • Your savings electricity costs are from the first day
  • No up-front costs
  • You sit back and we do everything for you

As always, we hope this information has been useful to you and encourage you to contact us.

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