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China Sourcing Fair

Energy saving drive can help SA

The China Sourcing Fair takes place on 28 till 30 November at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng.
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Now South Africa has a chance to benefit from some of the latest energy saving products and technologies from China to be presented at the up-coming China Sourcing Fair.

The fair, which will be held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand from 28 till 30 November, will showcase new technologies to save energy in various industry and business segments. These products and solutions developed and manufactured in China are being offered to businesses in South Africa for distribution and resale.

Over many years the Chinese government realised the importance of energy saving technologies to combat rising costs, pollution, fossil fuel depletion and global warming effects.

In July this year, China introduced an additional five-year plan for the energy saving and environmental protection industry. Their drive is mainly focused to accelerate the transformation of China’s economic development model and strengthen the country’s energy saving and emission reduction efforts.

However, the new innovations, products and solutions created new opportunities for the global market and also for South African companies. In 2010, the output value of the energy saving industry in China reached $319-billion (R2.8-trillion) and accounted for 28 million employees.

It is anticipated that the annual growth rate of output value for the energy saving and environmental protection industry will be kept at 15% or above in the following years until  2015 and, by then, the output value is expected to reach $718-billion (R6.4-trillion). According to the masterplan there are three key fields within the energy-saving and environmental protection industry:

  • Energy-saving  and environmental technologies and equipment;
  • Energy-saving and environmental products; and 
  • Energy-saving and environmental services.

Within the three segments there are initiatives such as:

  • Upgrade coal-burning industrial boilers (kilns) using circulating fluidised bed (CFB) and pulverised coal firing;
  • Local cogeneration, a centralized and combined heat and power system (30-50% more efficiency);
  • Make use of exhaust heat and pressure;
  • Save and replace petroleum through alternative fuel sources like alcohol and methane;
  • Energy conservation in electrical motors with optimized pumps and compressors and variable speed drives;
  • Optimisation of energy systems like wind turbines and solar cell technologies;
  • Energy conservation in buildings through insulation, architecture and colour scheme; and 
  • Environment-friendly lighting like fluorescent lamps and LED’s.

Despite the fact that China’s focus is aimed more on efficient industrial operations, home owner, building and consumer solutions for energy saving are playing an increasing part in new business opportunities.

During the China sourcing fair, South African resellers and distributors can select appropriate products and solutions at very competitive prices and develop new channels to market. 

Buyers should visit to learn more about the event. Admission to the fair is free for qualified buyers and they can register online at this website. Your business card is required to enter the event.

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