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Ensuring stable energy supply

Manufacturer with muscle

Power generator manufacturer can help large African projects minimise costly downtime.

Cummins SA general manager for commercial power systems Nicola Morgan-Evens points out that the international Cummins Power Generation division is recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of pre-integrated generator sets, ranging from 8 kVA to 3300 kVA.

"All major components including engine, alternator, transfer switches and control systems are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality set by Cummins," Morgan-Evens says.

He explains that Power Command technology from Cummins Power Generation is an innovative way to ensure the equipment in a power system works in synergy from the start.

"It involves a pre-integrated design, rather than the combination of an engine, alternator, controls and transfer switches from a variety of manufacturers.

"The result of pre-integrated power solutions is smaller equipment footprints, reduced installation time and higher system reliability in a region that is regularly affected by constant and prolonged power outages," she says.

For long- and short-term standby power needs, Morgan-Evens notes that permanently installed and mobile power systems have been used across Africa by various hospitals, factories, office buildings, hotels, casinos and telecommunication centres.

"Cummins Power Generation has the ability to meet any demands for standby power, whether it is a simple diesel generator set or a complete PowerCommand pre-integrated power generation system," Morgen-Evens says.

Morgan-Evens highlights the fact that current product development at Cummins Power Generation focuses on the reduction of engine and generator set emissions that can contribute to pollution and global warming.

"The Cummins range of power generation products and manufacturing processes are designed to lead to a cleaner and healthier environment, and we comply with or surpass all international emissions standards," she says.

With more than 90 years of experience in international power generation, Morgan-Evens is confident that Cummins Power Generation can meet all African energy needs, including; continuous, prime, peaking, standby, cogeneration or a complete turnkey power plant.

"Cummins Power Generation is about more than innovative technologies, it is also about providing customers with the highest standards of after sales service and technical support,” she concludes.

Established in 1919 in Indiana, USA, Cummins today employs more than 40 000 people worldwide, and has an annual turnover of US $10,8-billion. Cummins has a global network of 500 company-owned and independent distributor facilities at more than 5 200 dealer locations in over 190 countries.


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