EM supplies Hager smart solution for Swarovski in Cape Town

The latest Hager ‘smart’ solutions for automated building control have been supplied by ElectroMechanica (EM)

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The latest Hager ‘smart’ solutions for automated building control have been supplied by ElectroMechanica (EM) of Cape Town for Swarovski Lighting’s new-build showroom in Green Point.

The leading supplier specified high-quality Hager B7 switch frames, which feature a clean design, vega D enclosures featuring a ready-to-mount configuration, and the domovea automation dashboard, which is controllable from a smartphone or tablet, as well as the wall-mounted keypad.

The dashboard provides for intuitive control of a range of devices, from lights to shutters, heating, air-conditioning, and other systems, from single rooms to entire floors. The main advantage is that it allows for easy control from a single point, including remote control via an app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The dashboard even allows for energy-consumption data to be stored for comparison against various timeframes, from days to months.

The project commenced towards the end of 2017, and was completed in Q1 2018, according to Ryan Whitelaw, EM Product Manager for Building Automation. “Our brief was to supply a centralised control of all of the light fittings on display,” Whitelaw explains.

Not only was this for control of the premises, with the activation of various themes such as for morning and for night, but the aim was also for the salespeople to be able to demonstrate the products to customers via tablets.

“The specification of the lighting products is quite technical, which is why we proposed the advanced Hager solution,” Whitelaw explains. He describes the project as a flagship for building automation, which is gaining in popularity in South Africa, due to a growing requirement for energy efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.

“There has definitely been noticeable growth in the smart home and building automation market over the last three years or so. Whereas in Europe it is almost a standard across most households, businesses, and commercial buildings, we are only starting to align ourselves now,” Whitelaw comments.

The Hager solution forms part of EM’s extensive product range of high-quality industrial electrical goods, motor control switchgear, and electronic automation products for a range of clients and market segments. End users include wholesalers, consultants, building contractors, system integrators, switchboard and panel builders, and also engineering procurement companies.

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