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With colder temperatures already being experienced, South Africans will once again see their electricity bills rising by up to 40% as winter takes its toll. Fortunately, technology is always evolving and HydraTherm has a sophisticated energy-saving solution available for private homes that promises to save up to 70% of your total hot water costs.

The HydraTherm integrated heat pump is a hot water cylinder (geyser) that uses roughly a third of the electricity used by a conventional geyser to heat the same amount of water. It uses minimal energy to move heat from surrounding air to water by means of a compressor and an air-to-water heat exchanger.

Where the element in a conventional geyser uses three units of electrical energy to produce three units of heat energy, a heat pump converts one unit of electrical energy into four units of heat energy, according to Eskom.

“It’s a bit like a reverse-action air-conditioner,” explains Mike Alton, co-founder of HydraTherm. “Where an air-conditioner transfers heat from the air inside a room to the atmosphere outside, a heat pump transfers heat from the air around it to the water in its geyser, using minimal energy. It’s application has significant benefits for the environment and consumers’ pockets.”

The HydraTherm heat pump also looks great, with a sleek, ultra-modern design that will seamlessly integrate with the architecture and aesthetics of any home, yet it is manufactured using the very latest technology and best possible materials, conforming to the highest safety and quality standards.

High density 50mm polyurethane insulation ensures the minimum heat loss possible, and as the HydraTherm heat pump uses less than a third of the energy of an ordinary geyser, it qualifies for installation in terms of SANS 10400XA and XA2. The water tank is made from SUS316L “low carbon” stainless steel, the water tank incorporates two electric impressed current anodes in addition to a magnesium sacrificial anode to ensure corrosion is virtually eliminated, even in the harshest of environments.

Installation is as straightforward as that of an ordinary geyser and it is simple to use. The HydraTherm integrated heat pump features a smart control panel, with an intuitive on/off push button, and temperature and operating mode controls.

A simulation by for a household of two adults and two teenagers using heat-pump geysers shows a potential saving of very nearly R7 000 a year. ( Alton says he’s seen similar results: “Our tests indicate that switching from a conventional geyser to a heat pump, can save South African households as much as 70% of their total hot water costs. And since hot water costs can account for between 40 and 60% of the entire domestic electricity bill, installing one will make a significant difference to most home owners’ disposable income, especially during winter.”

Alton makes another valid point: “South Africans have been focused on saving water and those efforts will have to continue for the foreseeable future. But we need to conserve electricity too, and with winter around the corner, electricity usage will inevitably increase the load on our power utilities. None of us want to contemplate load-shedding again. Heat pumps are the responsible solution for saving money andenergy.”

Install a heat pump and do this to dramatically reduce your winter electricity bill

May is National Energy Month and the government has made the following recommendations to help South Africans reduce their electricity usage:


  1. Take a shower instead of a bath.
  2. Don’t fill the kettle - only boil the water that you need.
  3. Keep the fridge door closed, and make sure it is properly sealed.
  4. Don’t  cook with a small pot on a large stove plate.
  5. Dress for the season - warm in winter and light clothing in summer.
  6. Switch off all appliances when they are not in use.
  7. Reduce your heater or geyser temperature from hot to warm.
  8. Close all windows and doors when the air conditioner or heater is on.
  9. Use CFL energy saving bulbs at all times.
  10. Fit one light bulb with the correct level of brightness in a room.
  11. Turn the lights off when you leave a room.
  12. Do all ironing at the same time.

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