Oil & Gas Africa 2016 Conference – Focus on Logistics

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The world’s oil and gas industry is probably experiencing its most tumultuous period since the infamous oil crisis of 1973. However, instead of severe oil shortages and sky-high prices, current market turmoil is due to the inverse - Middle East wells pumping at maximum capacity with concomitant low prices.

Demand for oil and gas from markets in Africa remains high. But low crude prices combined with poor physical infrastructure, inadequate logistical solutions and onerous government regulations have blunted investment in oil and gas field development. As a result, some African governments such as Tanzania and South Africa are reappraising their oil and gas legislation. These are just some of the challenges that will be covered at the Oil & Gas Africa Conference 2016, which takes place on 13 and 14 July at the Cullinan Hotel, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Eliminating Supply Chain Waste

“According to Adrian Gonzalez of Talking, energy companies are placing growing emphasis on finding and eliminating waste in their supply chains,” says conference spokesperson Simon Barry.

“This conference is taking a fresh look at overcoming logistical and regulatory barriers and exploring strategies to lower the cost of doing business in Africa, which would certainly entice investors to the sector, despite the current low oil price.”

The Oil & Gas Africa 2016 Logistics Conference features a large panel of almost 20 local and international experts covering a diverse array of logistics-related fields, specifically focused on the broad oil and gas sector, but with particular relevance to the African industry and its challenges.

“Panellists will offer delegates a number of relevant insights on the current and possible future condition of the African oil and gas sector,” adds Barry.  “One of the most anticipated speakers is Hugh Kennaway of Matthews Daniel International, who will discuss onshore energy insurance in developing jurisdictions; what it covers and what affects the ‘promise to pay’.”

Smarter Procurement, Supply Chain Resilience

World Bank energy consultant Simon O’Toole will present a non-technical overview of the history and geographical distribution of global oil assets. Acclaimed logistics consultant Lars Greiner will provide guidelines to ‘Smarter Procurement’ models and local content solutions for onshore and offshore supply chain resilience.”

Panel speakers will also discuss the various configurations of land-based, maritime and aviation resources. Mick Fry and Ian Mcluskie of CHC Helicopters will illustrate the increasing role of air support in offshore oil and gas supply chains, such as aviation logistics, search and rescue and medical evacuation. Mike Litson of Litson & Associates will examine air travel safety versus required maintenance standards costs in the oil and gas and resources sectors.

The main conference topics are:

·         New Energy Futures – Transformation of the Oil and Gas Sector

Chris Bredenhamm – Partner at PwC: Africa Oil & Gas Advisory Leader

·         Latest News from Petroleum Agency SA

Dave van der Spuy – Manager, Geochemistry: PASA

·         International and National Laws, Liability, Litigation and Corruption

Kenny Paton – Director, African Exploration & Production, Oil & Gas: Webber Wentzel

·         The Industry in 10 Years’ Time
Simon O'Toole – Independent Exploration and Survey Specialist: World Bank

·         Supply Chain Challenges of Cleaner Fuels Roll-out in SA

David Sineke – Analyst: Engen; Cyril Stevens – Transition Facilitator: Engen

·         Logistics Bases and the Benefits of Free Zones

Laura Peinke: Executive: Business Development - Saldhana IDZ

·         Bimodal Logistics – Road AND Rail
Mike Daniel: RSSA

·         Thinking Differently About Logistics in Emerging Markets Land-Sea Supply Chains
Shirley Schmidt  – Director, Afrishore Shipping

·         Oil & Gas Insurance in Developing Jurisdictions

Hugh Kennaway – Independent consultant: Matthews Daniel International

·         Smarter Procurement Models & Local Content Solutions, Onshore & Offshore Supply Chain Resilience – Lars Greiner: Independent Supply Chain Consultant

·         CSR and How it can Achieve Goals and Add Value

Charlene Holm – Key Accounts Manager: Intertek Business Assurance

·         Aviation Safety & Regulatory Oversight
Mike Litson – Managing Partner, Litson & Associates

·         Aviation Support and Search & Rescue
Mick Fry – Director, Sales/Commercial; CHC Helicopter
Ian McLuskie: Senior Manager: CHC Helicopter

·         Air Logistics

Paul Hurst – Managing Director: Solenta Aviation

·         Operations Communication Support, Asset Tracking and Crisis Response

Steve Light – Head of Business Development: Globecomm SA

·         Challenges and Approaches to Operating in North Africa

Mike Lord – Chief Operating Officer: RedMed Group

“This conference is an essential event for any oil and gas sector stakeholders exploring opportunities in Africa,” adds Barry. “We are honoured that the City of Cape Town is a prime sponsor of this vital event.”

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