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Gas Week 2013

Outcomes of Gas Week should ignite investor interest

Gas Week 2013 starts on 8 April 2013

Massive offshore gas discoveries in eastern and southern Africa have the potential to transform the region into a major player in the global energy arena.

Closer to home, developments in the South African gas market have reached fever pitch, with shale gas reserves in the Karoo basin now a few steps closer to exploration, due to the recent removal of the moratorium.

Furthermore, southern Africa’s coalbed methane (CBM) gas is igniting investor interest, while the booming liquefied nitrogen gas (LNG) market is set to generate substantial future revenues in West Africa.

With the sum of all these developments, one thing is certain: gas will translate into billions of dollars’ worth of investment, which could transform entire African economies of the continent.

A must-attend energy and exploration event

Designed for all key role-players in the gas industry, Gas Week 2013 will provide an ideal platform from which to discuss all the regulatory, technical and commercial developments in shale gas, CBM, compressed natural gas, LNG and other forms of natural gas exploration and production.

Following the conference, participants will be enabled to take advantage of the increasing opportunities in gas exploration and production. In addition, participants will be well-placed to analyse the most pressing legal, political and environmental issues – with leading industry experts including natural gas producers, technology and solution providers, pipeline operators, and other principal industry players.

 Key topics of discussion include, among others:

  • Developing a natural gas portfolio to address Africa’s energy needs
  • Investigating Africa’s market pricing and infrastructure for the commercialisation of unconventional and conventional gas
  • Focusing on the exploration and commercialisation processes of oil and gas in East Africa: Dilemmas, challenges and opportunities
  • Discussing the economics and rationality of shale gas exploration and commercial exploitation in South Africa
  • The good the bad and the ugly - what can Africa learn from shale gas exploration in the United States?
  • Unlocking the potential for coalbed methane exploration and production in southern Africa
  • Gas price regulation: Update and implementation of the maximum prices methodology of the National Energy Regulator of SA

Case studies:

  • Mozambique case study: Developing a natural gas portfolio to address Africa’s energy
  • Analysing the collaboration opportunities between electricity and gas suppliers, and how these will meet the energy needs of South Africa and the regional market by Eskom


Natural gas development from shale: An in-depth workshop on the economics, the process, and the related business development opportunities

Facilitated by: Thomas Murphy, co-director, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research, Pennsylvania, US; and Jim Ladlee, associate director, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach & Research; director: Special Initiatives, Shale Training & Education Center (ShaleTEC), Pennsylvania, US

 The esteemed panel of expert speakers includes, to name but a few:

  • Nosizwe Nokwe-Mcamo, CEO, Petro SA
  • John L. Langus, managing director: International, Forest Oil Corporation
  • Mike Smart, deputy director, Department of Water Affairs
  • Andrew Elf, director, Mitchel Drilling Mozambique
  • Patrick Obath, managing consultant, Eduardo and Associates; chairperson, Kenya Private Sector Alliance
  • Bill Page, partner, Deloitte, Tanzania
  • Paul Eardley-Taylor, Head: Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure, Investment Banking Coverage, South Africa & Africa, Standard Bank
  • Professor Anthony Leiman, associate professor: Department of Economics, University of Cape Town
  • Dr Adrian Tiplady, site bid manager, Square Kilometer Array Project

What delegates can expect:

  • Five days of the latest intelligence, research and industry developments
  • Over 30 topics covering all the various types of gas, from a broad to a localised scale
  • Hear from a wide array of speakers from the African gas industry, and beyond
  • Learn from best practice regional case studies, providing in-depth views on key issues and challenges, and how to maximise opportunities within these regions
  • Gain insights into the legal and fiscal requirements for natural gas exploration, production and utilisation

Says Busie Mhlanga-Mjimba, IIR BV SA senior project manager for conferences, “Attending Gas Week 2013 will enable delegates to share ideas and learn more about the latest trends in energy and gas markets. Moreover, debates will be heard as to how these influence and impact upon energy security, environmental protection and economic development, within Africa.”

Three easy ways to register:

Call IIR BV SA on: + 27 (0) 11 771 7000
Visit for a full list of speakers and updated electronic conference brochure                                                                                                  

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