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Green cash injection

Green Energy Efficiency Fund finance for industry ventures

IDC: Aims to take the lead in the development of the green industry.
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As the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) aims to take a lead in the development of green industry and energy efficiency, Rentia van Tonder shared the philosophy of its approach at the Southern African Energy Efficiency Conference (SAEEC2011) in Gauteng at the end of last year.

More insightful topics will be discussed at SAEEC2012, scheduled for 14 and 15 November 2012 at Emperors Palace.The IDC was established in the 1940s as a development finance institution (DFI) with the mission of providing funding for entrepreneurs and projects that are contributing to industrialisation and job creation.

It has committed itself to make R100-billion available over the next five years for investment in South Africa, a quarter of which will be funnelled to the manufacturing sector and focus on improving green energy and energy efficiency.The IDC has aligned its sectoral focus areas with the New Growth Plan (NGP) and the Industrial Policy Action Plan 2011/12–2013/14 (IPAP2) as shown in Figure 1.

Facilitating resource and job security
The NGP has set a target of creating 300 000 additional jobs by 2020 to green the economy, with 80 000 jobs in the manufacturing sector and the rest in construction, operations and the maintenance of environmentally friendly infrastructures.Additional jobs will be created by expanding the existing public employment schemes to protect the environment, as well as in the production of biofuels.

Projected targets for renewable energy open up major new opportunities for investment and employment in manufacturing new energy technologies as well as in construction.
The main strategies to achieve these targets are the following:

• Comprehensive support for energy efficiency and renewable energy as required by the government’s IPAP2, including appropriate pricing policies, combined with programmes to encourage the local production of inputs – starting with solar water heaters;
Public employment and recycling schemes geared to    greening the economy;
• Stronger programmes, institutions and systems to diffuse new technologies to small and medium enterprises as well 
as households;
• Greater support for research and development as well as tertiary education linked to growth potential and developing South Africa as the higher education hub for the continent; and
• Continuing to reduce the cost of, and improve access to,broadband.

The green economy focus of IPAP2 incorporates renewable solutions such as wind, photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power generation; alternatives such as biomass generation through waste management; the efficient use of water and energy resources in industry, and lowering emissions from energy-efficient vehicles.

Key action programmes will focus on:
• Rollout of national solar water heating
• Solar and wind energy
• Development of an industrial energy 
efficiency programme
• Strengthening of water efficiency standards
• Demonstration of the viability of concentrated solar thermal power as a major 
renewable energy-generation source
• Biomass energy
• Clean and multi-energy stoves
• Water- and energy-efficient appliances
• Efficient motors, variable speed drives, energy metering and control and electricity storage (batteries and fuel cells)
• Waste and waste water treatment
•Establishment of a South African Renewables Initiative

The IDC’s Green Industries Strategic Business Unit objective is to develop, grow and invest in green industries focusing on investments to enhance the environment, support carbon emission reduction, avoidance and adaptation.

A value chain approach will apply, with the emphasis on industrial development (including localisation) and job creation. This would be done through investments in biofuels, cleaner production and energy, energy efficiency, demand-side management interventions, emission and pollution mitigation and waste reduction.

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Industrial Development Corporation
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