by Yolanda De Lange

Green Hour celebrates a year on radio

Promoting efficiency and sustainability awareness

Gareth Burley, Green Hour radio presenter at Kingfisher FM, celebrates a year of disseminating green news and information to the Nelson Mandela Bay region.
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The Green Hour radio programme, an initiative that was launched in the Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) area celebrates its first anniversary after producing 44 energy efficiency and sustainability awareness shows.

Launched on the 4th of July last year, a leading energy efficiency organisation joined forces with Gareth Burley, a radio presenter on Kingfisher FM to start a national conversation about energy efficiency. The community in NMB have been privileged to hear live studio interviews from various prestigious personalities within the energy industry discussing issues such as the latest building standards, sustainable saving by using energy efficient motors , benefits received from attending an Energy Training Foundation’s Fundamentals for Energy Management Training (FEMT) course and discussing award-winning energy efficiency housing and cleaner production methods .

Gareth presents the lunch show weekdays on Kingfisher FM and Green Hour on Mondays from 13h00-14h00 with live streaming on In addition, daily energy news is broadcast at 13:30 and newsfeeds .During the past year inroads have been made on the social media networks through the Green Hour Facebook group ‘The Green Hour – Kingfisher FM’ which has received over 34 000 friends and likes, and over 140 000 friends and tweets with Twitter at ‘GreenHourSA’. For more information on this contact Yolanda de Lange at The Southern African Association for Energy (SAEE) on 041 367 1041.
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