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Hydraulic power

Engen debuts Hydrokin ESF, the hydraulic fluid that cuts energy needs

Hydrokin ESF cuts energy needs by 11%

Anton Allner, Engen Industrial Lubricants strategy manager, says the numerous sectors that consume hydraulic fluids (including mining, engineering and energy) can save up to 11% on their machines’ power use by merely changing fluids.

He says the small amount of energy consumption needed with Hydrokin ESF is due to its better sealing performance at all operating temperatures around machine parts including pumps, pistons and rings – the result of a viscosity index improver (VII).

“A better viscosity index enables the oil to stay more fluid at lower temperatures and more viscous at higher temperatures while still meeting all its performance requirements, thereby reducing machines’ input energy requirements,” says Allner. “This “stay-in-grade” performance of the fluid is central to its enhanced ability.”

Local proof

Allner says many lubricant marketers claim to have energy-saving products, but Engen’s claim is based on local trials – not just additive supplier data. It is these trials that have demonstrated more than 11% savings in electricity consumption, as well as a 4.5% reduction in maximum power demand of machines.

Further indirect cost benefits can be realised through increased machine production output and in the longer life of machine components and fluid (due to the lower operating temperatures).

Innovation at your service

Allner says hydraulic power is used in dozens of industries to precisely control the movement of machinery and material, yet these industries have little experience in effective design and maintenance of hydraulic power systems for greater efficiencies.

“Hydraulic power can be a far more competitive technology choice if the fluid design is allowed to demonstrate its significant energy and cost savings for companies and the customers they serve. Engen has the technological innovation and value-based partnerships to unlock energy efficiencies in hydraulic systems without sacrificing performance, thus contributing to the success of our customers’ operations.”

Note: The three-city launch road show begins in Durban, at the Southern Sun Elangeni and Maharani, on 5 November, before it moves to Cape Town at the University of Stellenbosch Business School in Bellville on 6 November, and concludes in Johannesburg at the Glen Hove Conferencing Centre on 15 November.

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