In On Africa (IOA) releases special report on energy

Brightening Africa’s Prospects: Striving toward universal energy access across the continent


On 21 February, 2017, Johannesburg-based research and consulting firm, In On Africa (IOA), will be releasing its latest special report on energy in Africa. After months of research, analysis and report development, IOA has structured its latest offering to provide holistic assessments of the current state of energy in Africa that includes:

  • Various initiatives currently being implemented across Africa including the US Power Africa, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership and the UK’s Energy Africa Campaign 
  • IOA expert insights on the impact of the current OPEC oil glut, the need for improving efficiency in energy systems, and the progress made by the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI) among others 
  • The utility of power pools in Africa 
  • Making greater use of microgrids energy solutions 
  • The potential for implementing ‘Sustainable Village’ initiatives to meet Africa’s rural energy needs

Access the 60-page report free of charge at:

Please feel free to distribute the above information and contact us for interviews and comment on the state of energy access in Africa.

About In On Africa: IOA is a Johannesburg-based research and consulting firm that specialises in Africa-focused research and analysis. The company has conducted research across the continent in various sectors including banking, automotive, energy, mining and education among others, and boasts a team of over 300 independent consultants spread across Africa. For more information visit

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CEO, In On Africa (IOA)

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