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Natural gas is a colourless and odourless fuel source that is formed deep beneath the earth's surface, it contains many different compounds, primarily methane. Although considered a simplistic fuel source, it provides consistent and dependable energy.

When effectively burnt, Natural Gas is highly combustible and generates a tremendous amount of energy. Contrary to other fossil fuels, Natural Gas burns cleanly and emits remarkably low levels of potentially harmful waste and by-products into the air. The demand for a fuel that can get the job done without damaging the environment has always been there, this demand continues to grow.

Based on international market trends, South Africa has been trailing behind on the global movement to consuming a cleaner, environmentally friendlier and economic source of fuel. NGV Gas (Pty) LTD and Virtual Gas Network (Pty) LTD identified these shortfalls within the compressed natural gas market and moved to open the market for further development.

Switch and Save!

Why make the switch?

Save on fuel and running costs

The Natural Gas price is not linked to either the Rand:USD exchange rate or the crude oil price. Contrary to other fuels, Natural Gas retains consistently low running costs and does not experience sharp price hikes. This allows business owners to retain control of their monthly expenses.


Unplanned interruptions due to a sudden cut in energy supply are one of the difficulties businesses running on Natural Gas never have to worry about. NGV Gas (Pty) LTD and Virtual Gas Network (Pty) LTD through its VIRTUAL GAS NETWORK (VGN) distribution ensures users who are anywhere within a 500-km radius of Johannesburg receive the required quantity of gas at the right time.


Natural Gas provides a consistently high energy heat of +/- 39.22 MJ (10.89 kWh) per m3, this makes it a powerful fuel, able to fire various high energy demanding machinery. However, in its efficiency, Natural Gas emits lower levels of harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides. It produces fewer greenhouse gases when compared to other fossil fuels.

As the cleanest burning and safest of all fossil fuels, using natural gas could help your business increase its green star rating and improve your carbon footprint.

Natural gas continues to play an increasingly larger role in fulfilling the ever-expanding energy demand in South Africa. Make the switch, move to Natural Gas. For more information on CNG Holding’s Virtual Gas Network, contact

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