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Ncamiso Mining Adds Value through Recovery and Remediation

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Local mining and raw material processing firm, Ncamiso, has joined forces with Mintails Mining SA- Mogale Gold to carry out vital services in order to ensure maximum gold recovery as well as environmental remediation.

“In each of the  projects that Ncamiso has taken on we will be helping to increase their revenue through the recovery of gold from the areas we are working on as part of overall land rehabilitation efforts. The projects fill our dedication to CSI by also providing jobs as reef pickers to those in the immediate communities that we operate in. Furthermore, by cleaning up and rehabilitating the land we assist in the eradication of illegal miners in the areas,” Says Ncamiso Managing Director, Fikile Mashinini.

The work being carried out by Ncamiso includes the following:

·         DRD cluster: Cleaning out of the old reduction plant and removal of contaminated surface material so that Blue Print Developments is able to build low cost houses.

·         Goudrand: Removal of contaminated surface material to rehabilitate the ground for Blue Print Development.

·         Kimberly Reef: Shallow open cast mining to remove gold bearing conglomerates close to the surface (that would otherwise be sterilized) so that the soft underlying layers of reef can be removed to prepare the land for use as a recreational park.

·         Sub-Nigel: Screening out fine materials and reef from Afrisam's waste rock to increase gold yield and so that it can be sterilised and used to produce building materials.

·         Springs Market: Rehabilitating an old reduction plant on a farm belonging to Markon Realty for future use in Hydrophonic fish farming, and industrial development.

At all the sites, the fine materials are sent for gold processing.

On a day to day basis, Ncamiso are responsible for delivering material loaded and hauled from the abovementioned sites. They handle on-site sampling of delivered material, screening at -20mm and loading of material onto the conveyor belts which make the transfer to the relevant processing plants. To date more than 200kg of gold has already been recovered from 200 000 tonnes of material delivered to Gogale gold, and a total of more than 500kg from than 1000 000 tonnes to  various mines – a very high yield for surface mining – and illegal miners have been eradicated at all sites.

When asked about the services that Ncamiso provide, Mintails Mining SA CFO, Eddie Milne commented; “Ncamiso’s services have always been efficient. Their employees display an open and honest persona and their work ethic is exceptional. Ncamiso has been open and transparent in their dealings with Mintails, acting as partners in the various projects, sharing both the benefits and the struggles. Ncamiso add value to our business and we will continue to partner with them in the future.”

According to Mashinini, the shared sales of all the gold that is recovered will add value to the gold accunting of Mintails Mining SA-Mogale Gold. Mashinini goes on to explain how important gold recovery and environmental remediation are to mines such as Mogale. “Obviously the most prominent knock on effect of this process is the increase in the wealth from gold sales for South Africa as a whole – with the added benefit that these efforts also lead to job creation, Ncamiso cc being recognized for its efforts in helping macro scaled businesses.”

The environmental remediation being carried out by Ncamiso cc reduces the state’s liability for the number of waste rocks that need to be rehabilitated and reprocessed. “The joint projects with Mogale Gold help both parties to build and strengthen the relationships between the mine and non-mine stakeholders. Mintails Mining SA- Ncamiso are establishing their reputation as companies invested in the sustainability and upliftment of the communities they work in,” he says.

He adds that special thanks need to be made to the DMR, “We are extremely grateful to the DMR for their strong support and backing, providing training on rehabilitation and linking Ncamiso to various mining operations. Without the DMR, Ncamiso would not be able to operate in the capacity we do and we would not be able to add the same value to our clients.”                                                                                              

“It is a privilege to work with Mogale Gold on these projects. It reinforces our valuable role in the industry and to the communities. We are grateful for the growth and exposure in the mining sector through working with Mintails Mining SA-Mogale Gold as they are a reputable mining company.

We also value the individual skills development of Ncamiso staff working on-site at Mogale Gold.

As a company, Ncamiso is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the mining industry. They aim to show their clients added value in every project and pride themselves on their niche service offering that brings unique and innovative solutions to maximise profits for their clients “At the core of our business, our main aim is to contribute to the sustainable growth and upliftment of the communities we work in. We are passionate and dedicated to making a difference. We believe keeping this sentiment at the heart of our business will result in building and growing the business in the right way,” Mashinini says in closing.

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