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Shell commissioned an independent study called ‘Fuel Matters’ – speaking with 100 South African fleet managers about important industry issues. The study found that 80% of respondents think that more effective fuel management could reduce their fuel spend by 5% or more. Respondents also believe that the brand of fuel and lubricant used in vehicles could potentially impact fuel consumption.

“Nowadays, the role of a fleet operator has become more important – and much more complex. Not only are they required to manage day-to-day fleet operations, they also have to determine new fuel and vehicle solutions, and find ways to minimise fuel consumption,” said Sagar Sen, marketing manager, Fuel Card, South Africa.

A key component in efficient fuel consumption is picking the right fuel for your vehicle. Good fuels burn more efficiently, keep your engine cleaner and free of deposits; thereby optimising performance and requiring less maintenance. With this in mind, Shell has designed a fuel range that is able to provide optimum engine life, performance and fuel efficiency. The Shell Diesel Extra and Shell V-Power Nitro + are Shell’s range of quality unleaded and diesel fuels that clean and protect your engine from corrosion, resulting in less costs on  engine maintenance. The different fuels offer a range of benefits to your vehicles engine.

Shell Diesel Extra

Shell Diesel Extra is specially formulated to help deliver fuel savings over the lifetime of your vehicle. It is designed for extra kilometres at no extra cost. It uses advanced Shell fuel technology and specifically developed unique additives to help improve engine efficiencies by preventing deposit build-up in injector nozzles.

Shell V-Power Nitro + diesel

The new and improved diesel formulation contains a more powerful detergent for fast and more effective clean-up of diesel fuel injection systems. It is also formulated to help restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection. Anti-rust functionality helps prevent corrosion of precision-engineered fuel injection systems. SVPN+ Diesel contains a new, more powerful detergent technology for faster and more effective clean-up of diesel fuel injection systems.

Shell V-Power Nitro +

Shell V-Power Nitro+ is Shell's latest generation of unleaded and diesel performance fuels. Developed with Scuderia Ferrari, this new formulation is designed to instantly get to work in your engine on deposits which can reduce performance. Also included is the friction modifier designed to reduce friction in critical engine areas, helping to deliver more power to the wheels.

Shell quality fuels were designed with the fleet manager in mind and great results are guaranteed. Products are available at your nearest Shell service station.

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