SOLAR ENERGY through rental option

Twenty Four exceptional advantages of using SOLAR ENERGY through rental option

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The capital cost of installing, owning and maintaining a Solar Producing Plant was historically prohibitive and very few individuals and companies could really afford to switch over from grid-energy dependency to the comfort of a solar plant regardless of how eager they were to make a switch over in the interest of a cleaner greener world and lower energy cost.

ZEROTH ENERGY now offers a rental option … a rent-to-own facility. This special offer eliminates the need for an initial capital expenditure and spreads the purchase price over a determined period best suited to the client making it possible for schools, commercial and industrial property owners to obtain their own solar energy plant at no cost, and start saving money in energy costs from day one.

Read further what ZEROTH’s RENT-TO-OWN facility can do for you and your business.

  1. Zero effort. No special effort is required on your part. Zeroth’s professional accredited brokers will do it all for you;
  2. Zero hassle. You’ll be surprised how ‘hassle free’ the process is. Just contact Zeroth and we will have a broker with you in no time;
  3. Zero up-front costs. There is no Capex and no deposit;
  4. Zero installation costs. The cost of installation is part of the rental contract;
  5. Zero risk. All risks are covered by the brokers, suppliers and installers;
  6. Ownership after contract. This not just a common rental contract, you own the power plant at the end of the rental contract;
  7. Personalised energy solutions. Your system proposal is designed according to your specific requirements;
  8. 3+ quotes for comparison. At least 3 top level solar plant installers will be approached to quote on your needs;
  9. Certified Services Providers. ZEROTH Energy contracts certified service providers using Tier 1 products only;
  10. Performance guarantees on production. No risk here either. Performance of the power plant is guaranteed!
  11. Tier 1 solar panels. Only the finest top quality solar panels and products are used;
  12. Up to a 25 year warranty on all products. Because only the best quality components are used, the equipment is guaranteed for between 10 and 12 years and the power production is warranted for 25 years namely that a solar panel will, after 25 years of functioning, still produce 80% of the solar power it generated when it was new;
  13. Predictable tariff increases. Tariff increases are predictable, much lower than ESKOM and consistent;
  14. Insurance included. In the case of most suppliers insurance is part of the contract. If not, Zeroth will facilitate such;
  15. Maintenance included. This is a major benefit. Your solar power plant installers maintain the system;
  16. Less reliant on grid. ESKOM continues to play a role, but a far less significant one and power cuts are less of a concern;
  17. Energy monitoring included. Not only is your energy guaranteed but carefully monitored;
  18. Lower electricity costs. You will see a significant difference in electricity costs and have a cushion against ESKOM’s exorbitant increases!
  19. Savings from day 1. You save on energy bills from day one;
  20. Savings grow annually. Your savings grow annually till the end of the rental agreement, where after your energy from the system is free;
  21. An investment in your future. The solar power station on your roof not only saves you money now, but is a future asset – adding value to your property;
  22. Increased brand awareness. Once your business is ‘seen to be green’ it is great for your brand;
  23. Zero harmful emissions.  Your new solar power plant emits no harmful gases or elements into the air. You contribute to a cleaner neighbourhood;
  24. Help saving the planet. This is one of the best reasons for going solar – the preservation of the planet is everyone’s responsibility.

We at ZEROTH ENERGY trust that the above exceptional advantages of using Solar Generated Energy inspired you consider switching to Solar Power for your school or business and enjoy all the related benefits articulated above.

Having a Solar Energy Plant is now a reality and within means. Contact us at Zeroth Energy to assist you. We will book an appointment for one of our Accredited Brokers to analyse your specific requirements and recommend the best solar energy rental solution for you.

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