South African power stations

Steadfast battery supplier at the core of South African power stations


The complexity and importance of power stations across South Africa is matched only by the reliability and steadfastness required of its interconnected parts. If not run with utmost efficiency, power stations cannot and will not function at capacity – leaving communities and industries across the country without power. The result of which, is devastating losses to the economy at large.

As the country’s oldest – but most innovative – battery manufacturer, First National Battery has been at the heart of power stations for decades. It takes a depth of technical knowledge, applied to the manufacturing of solid and reliable specialised batteries to be able to maintain a leading role in the functioning of power stations.

“The resulting losses from even a minor fault in the intricate power station infrastructure can have substantial consequences to the functioning of the system as a whole,” says Ntsumbeni Mavhungu, Director of Industrial Product Marketing. 

“Any kind of power dip within the power station is compensated for and stabilised by robust First National Battery UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) units. This protects the balance of power within the station.”

First National Battery units perform the same function – protection of infrastructure for uninterrupted functioning – at South African nuclear power stations.

“Although our batteries are manufactured to the highest standard according to a tried-and-tested process, we pride ourselves on flexibility within these structures. Batteries can be produced specifically for the industrial need at hand.”

Experts predict SA will see a significant growth in renewable energy in the next few years, eventually contributing a total of 18.2FW by 2030 – around 42% of new energy generated. First National Battery aims to rise to this challenge. 

“As alternative and renewable energy solutions become increasingly viable and power stations increase in number, We aim to provide the same safety and protection for newly built infrastructure,” says Mavhungu.

Electricity generation is dependent on a series of uninterrupted functions, implemented through hard-working infrastructure. The interplay of various parts relies heavily on technology that is unfailing. This is why First National Battery has been manufacturing units for power stations – almost exclusively – for decades.

“No budget can build reliability and trust overnight. And that’s where First National Battery is in a league of its own. Take the wealth of knowledge applied to cutting-edge technology and combine it with an extensive history of consistency, it’s a no-fail solution. This is what’s required in the technical and critical electricity grid.”

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