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A new South African company is providing high-tech, energy-efficient water-heating solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Their units have been shown to produce savings of around 70% of total hot-water costs, a significant contributor to electricity bills. And because they use less than a third of the energy of an ordinary geyser, these units qualify for installation in terms of SANS 10400XA and XA2.

HydraTherm’s expertise lies in the design and specification of centralised hot water plants for large commercial projects, as well as offering premium solutions for smaller projects and domestic homes. Water heating products can also be supplied on demand, to meet exact specifications, where unique solutions are required.

“Our full-service solutions are ideal for hotels, laundries, dairies and hospitals, the retail and manufacturing industries, and private homes at a highly competitive level of investment,” says managing director Llewellyn Ward. “We aim to ensure payback periods are minimised, and returns maximised.”

The HydraTherm range of high quality, efficient hot water heat pumps include “traditional” split pump technology, where an external heat pump is piped to a separate water storage vessel, and an integrated unit where the heat pump is mounted on top of the water tank. Heat pumps are proven to use roughly a third of the electricity required to heat the same amount of water in a conventional geyser element.

The range includes two 60°C Integrated Heat Pumps for residential use, 55°C and 60°C Split Hot Water Heat Pumps for residential, hotel and commercial use, 70°C split hot water heat pumps for hotel and commercial use and 80°C split hot water heat pumps for laundry, diary and medical use.

Technology and materials

HydraTherm heat pumps are manufactured using the very latest technology and best possible materials. All parts and components are carefully selected and tested to ensure ultimate efficiency, reliability and durability. EVI technology combined with highly efficient air-to-water heat exchangers results in improved efficiencies in a wide range of ambient temperature conditions and nominal co-efficient performance figures of up to 4.5 to 1.

High quality Saginomya four-way reversing valves provide defrost functionality and ensure that low ambient temperature operation is possible. Hydrophilic coated fin evaporator coils improve efficiency and reduce corrosion, while the patented C&S tube-in-shell heat exchangers with counter-flow design improve heat exchange efficiency and reliability.

The water tank is made from SUS316L “low carbon” stainless steel, and incorporates two electric impressed current anodes in addition to a magnesium sacrificial anode. This ensures corrosion is virtually eliminated, even in the harshest of environments.

“We supply only SABS approved T/P safety valves and drain cocks. In terms of our product warranty, installation compliance with SANS10254 and SANS10142-1 is mandatory,” notes Ward.

Units for large-scale commercial use are designed to be space efficient. The integrated heat pump resembles an ultra-modern domestic appliance and will complement the architecture and aesthetics of any home. The product features a smart control panel, with intuitive on/off push button, and temperature and operating mode controls. Installation is as straightforward as that of an ordinary geyser.

Another advantage of the HydraTherm’s integrated heat pump is the centrifugal fan assembly and egg carton style sponge noise damping material used.

This reduces the overall sound level to just +-45dBa, which translates to less than the sound of human speech or even a domestic refrigerator.

Whether working with a hospital, dairy, factory or private residence, the company strives to supply only the highest quality products, workmanship and service. Every project taken on – no matter how big or small – is carried out with precision, and completed to the exact specification of the client, architect or engineer.

HydraTherm’s three principal members have been in the plumbing industry for over 10 years. The senior director has been in the industry for more than 25 years. This experience allows for flexibility. “Where unique solutions are required, we also design heating products on demand to meet exact specifications,” Ward confirms. “We are very excited to launch these sophisticated products and look forward to revolutionising this sector. As impressive as our products are, we are not merely in the business of supply. We provide the full spectrum of services, from initial consultation, all the way through to personal after-sales service and our revolutionary cloud support.

To learn more about HydraTherm or for detailed specifications, please visit www.hydratherm.co.za or email sales@hydratherm.co.za

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