Wind energy in cold climate

Sweden and the Netherlands collaborate on wind energy in cold climate


RISE, Research lnstitutes of Sweden, aims to establish a test centre in Sweden, where the global wind industry can test their equipment in cold climate conditions.

ECN, Energy Research Centre of The Netherlands, and RISE have agreed to collaborate on the development and operation of this test centre.

Cold climate areas offer a great potential for wind power worldwide. However, cold temperatures and ice demand reliable, proven technology. To achieve this a cold climate test centre for the wind industry is required.

Therefore RISE and ECN have decided to collaborate to provide:

  • a test centre in the northern part of Sweden for full scale testing, research, verification and certification of new generations of wind turbines and subsystems in cold climate;
  • qualified services such as test and validation services, data collection, measurements, monitoring and field services of test and prototype turbines, but also test and validation of sub systems and components to the global wind industry.

Together, the two parties have extensive experience in wind energy and testing activities. RISE’s and ECN’s strengths complement each other and form an ideal team for developing such a unique cold climate facility.

RISE already operates field facilities in cold conditions in Sweden and has a long experience in measurement, testing and validation. ECN has its own full scale wind turbine test centre and accredited measurement team, with over 40 years of dedicated R&D in wind energy. 

Operated by RISE the test centre will be located in a place with excellent conditions for testing wind turbines, turbine components and sub systems in cold climate. Now work is continuing to determine which location best meets the meteorological and geographic requirements of the test centre.

- We cannot yet say where the test center is to be built, but we investigate five places in detail at the moment, says project manager Stefan Ivarsson at RISE.

More information:

Stefan lvarsson, telephone: +46 (0)10 516 57 43, e-mail:

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