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Three steps to cheaper cleaner energy


Without any doubt, SOLAR ENERGY is a far better, cleaner energy than fossil fuels. The benefits of SOLAR ENERGY far outweighs fossil related energy and has undeniable benefits and advantages for our planet and obviously the people living on this planet.

Many informative articles have been published about the negative impact on our planet by dirty fossil fuels and the available advantages of solar power and this matter is also part of, or becoming part of, the agenda of governments and world leaders.

There is regretfully the generally accepted understanding that the cost of installing a solar energy producing plant is beyond the affordability of most people. And that understanding was true until ZEROTH ENERGY initiated a financial model whereby any school, business and factory can have its own solar energy producing plant by means of a RENT-TO-OWN option available through Zeroth’s initiatives.

The entire process has been simplified and although there certainly still is a process to be followed to ensure that every client makes the best financial choice, it really boils down to these 3 simple steps ….. to cheaper cleaner energy:

1)   The consultation

You need to contact a professional in this field. It is not adequate to just buy some material from the shelf of a hardware wholesaler and attempt the installation yourself. It is dangerous as you work with DC (Direct Current) and financially risky (poor quality materials will soon have to be replaced at additional cost).

ZEROTH ENERGY is a professional ENERGY WHOLESALER who partnered with reputable and accredited Solar Service Providers to provide you with professional advice through our network of Energy Brokers.

Just give us at ZEROTH ENERGY a call. Visit our website at:

One of our Energy Brokers will visit you at your premises at your convenience and explain to you the entire process of switching to a Solar Power Plant, and answer your questions. Our Broker will guide you through the process of assessing the required size of the Solar Plant most suitable to your needs. You need to provide us with information regarding your historic consumption statistics (copies of your last 12 months energy bills will be most suitable). Our Broker will take a few photos of the Electrical Distribution Board(s), optimal location of the Solar DB and the roof of your building to enable our partner engineers to prepare a PRE-FEASIBILITY PROPOSAL for you.

We are partnered with top level Solar Power System installers and will prepare at least 3 Pre-Feasibility Proposals for your consideration.

2)   Pre-Feasibility Proposals

Zeroth will, as soon as the Pre-Feasibility studies have been completed, have another consultation with you during which the Proposals will be explained to you in detail and recommendations made with regards the most suitable technical (size of system and peripherals) and financial options available (rent-to-own, lease, cash).

Although the process thus far requires skilled professionals including engineers, Zeroth Energy and partners do all the investigative and preparatory work at their own cost and this entire process does not cost you any money at all.

These proposals presented to you are based on variables and estimates and obviously only indicative as a basis for determining the more specific way forward. Once you have, from the Pre-Feasibility Proposal, satisfied yourself that the package being recommended is the best one for you and your needs, assisted by our Broker, the process will become focussed and absolutely specific.

At this stage Zeroth requires confirmation from you of your interest to proceed that we present to the Solar Service Provider. From here the investigative process becomes intensified and obviously very costly and we only engage with the finally selected preferred service provider.

Zeroth will therefore ask you to give us a letter of your interest in the selected proposal. This is done by means of a “Letter of Intent”. Please note that this is not a binding agreement but merely an indication to our partner of your interest in pursuing a detailed site specific professional quotation.

3)   Final Quotation

On receipt of the Letter of Intent the process kicks in by the preferred service provider. A detailed professional site and building inspection is then carried out which includes, but are not limited to: Capacity of roof of building to accommodate the panels, type of roof, location of equipment and lengths of cabling, calculation of power demand of machinery and equipment, assessing demand versus peak demand, etc.

At this stage you are at liberty to consult with the electrical engineer in charge of the project with regards any specific additional components that you may require or extensions to optimize your solar plant installation.

The Solar Service Provider will then use these specifically obtained data and your preferences to prepare a detailed building specific quotation for you.

Insurances and warrantees are discussed and put in place to ensure your long term peace of mind and satisfaction.

Our Broker will then present you with the final quotation for your consideration and acceptance. Once you have signed the quotation you will be the proud owner of a very special Solar Power Production System providing you with cheaper, cleaner and greener energy in a short period of time.

These 3 simple steps to cheaper cleaner energy, with very little effort on your part, will ensure that you have made a solid contribution to a greener planet and start you on a path to potentially huge savings in electricity bills!

Contact us to learn more and to make an appointment at your convenience.

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