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Nuclear Energy Does South Africa have a real need?
Donald Kaberuka, a former president of the African Development Bank, said: “In all areas of infrastructure services, such as… energy…there is a large gap when
19 Mar 2018 - I. P.
Greenpeace Africa Campaigning to achieve social and environmental justice
When asked why Greenpeace Africa campaigns against nuclear energy, the answer can be summed up in three simple words: cost, time and danger. Nuclear simply delivers too little,
19 Mar 2018
Nuclear energy: Viable way forward? Nuclear energy is a hot topic at the moment, with the tussle to get several new nuclear power stations online meeting various challenges along the way. Do we need more nuclear energy going forward?
To understand the nuclear side of the argument, I chatted to knowledgeable Francis Carruthers, CEO of Lesedi Nuclear Services, who is playing a pivotal role in power generation
18 Sep 2017 - G. S.
New CEO for NNR The National Nuclear Regulator welcomes new appointment
Minister of Energy, Dipuo Peters, announced the appointment of Dr Bismark Tyobeka to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the National Nuclear Regulator of SA effective as of 2 September 201
10 Jul 2013 - D. O. E.
Motlanthe backs nuclear energy Controversial energy source could unlock economic benefits
The government remains committed to nuclear power generation to meet the country’s growing energy needs and facilitate economic growth in decades to come, says Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe
13 Jun 2013 - S. A. G. N. A.
Fear of nuclear energy Society needs to be informed and educated about the facts of nuclear energy. Fear mongering is not helping
Nuclear waste is a topic that is regularly projected to the public as a scary, mysterious problem. On TV programmes about nuclear waste one sees concerned and frightened faces accompanied by sombre music.
28 May 2013 - D. K. K.


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