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Natural Gas: An old friend The Changing Energy Mix in SA
Coal has been South Africa’s primary source of energy for decades. About 77% of South Africa’s energy needs are met by coal, the production of electricity is the
30 Jan 2020
Energy Month Energy month time to invest in energy
“May is Energy Month, a time when the South African government and all authorities involved in energy renew their call to South Africans to conserve energy,” says Dr
20 May 2019
EM supplies Hager smart solution for Swarovski in Cape Town The latest Hager ‘smart’ solutions for automated building control have been supplied by ElectroMechanica (EM)
The latest Hager ‘smart’ solutions for automated building control have been supplied by ElectroMechanica (EM) of Cape Town for Swarovski Lighting’s new-build
30 Jan 2019
The need for alternative energy solutions Tariff increase highlights homeowners’ Need for alternative energy solutions
The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) today presented its decision regarding Eskom’s proposed 26.9% increase in electricity tariffs for
16 Jan 2018
Mustek shifts mindsets to achieve energy efficiency In February 2015 Mustek Ltd successfully integrated the Energy Management System (EnMS) ISO 50001 into their already existing Business Management System (BMS). They were able to do this by gaining the trust of their employees and involving them in the planning and implementation of the EnMS project. By so doing, Mustek Ltd aligned its innovation processes with those of energy management and conservation.
As the largest assembler and distributor of personal computers and complementary ICT products in South Africa, Mustek Ltd recognised the need to apply a systematic and sustainable
18 Sep 2017 - F. M.
Mini grid solutions for Africa Mini grid solutions for Africa in the spotlight at Energy Revolution Africa 2017
An estimated 600 million people in Africa live without access to electricity, the majority of which are in remote communities; requiring major capital expenditure and time to get
04 Apr 2017
Making the most of the "first fuel" As South Africa strives to stay internationally competitive, with energy demands growing by the day, it's essential that industry stakeholders employ stringent industrial energy-saving technology and methodology to preserve what some experts refer to as, the first fuel.
For too long, industry has played lip service to energy efficiency, but with the onset of cutthroat competitiveness between industrial players, small-medium prolonged savings can
13 Mar 2017
Video interview Industrial Energy Efficiency Matters: Alf Hartzenberg interview
NCPC senior project manager Alf Hartzenberg, who is a leader of the successful IEE program in South Africa interview with Energy Forecast editor Gregory Simpson, talking all things energy.
17 Nov 2016
Green building African cities adopting the Smart City concept
Africa is moving toward Smart City Technology in order to enhance the performance and quality of urban services. This transformation aims to achieve tangible benefits at municipal, provincial and...
15 Feb 2016
MEDIA RELEASE Smart energy efficiency project, Smarter Automotive industry
With massive international pressure on the industry, the South African automotive market is being squeezed to optimise their systems to supply consumers in a more cost-effective
13 Oct 2014


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