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Power Projects Storage advances fast-track new power projects
Technological advances and a decline in prices in battery energy storage are driving progress in distributed power generation, grid stabilization and utility scale energy
02 Jul 2018
Energy 2030: Wind energy steps up to the plate With over fifteen years as a senior practitioner in the Southern African Development, Education and Energy policy sectors, Brenda Martin is the perfect leader to bring her expertise as CEO of the South African Wind Energy Association discusses renewable energy
Selected for the position in October last year, she explains that it has been quite exciting taking on such a dynamic industry. “I often find that from Monday to Friday,
30 Oct 2017 - S. M.
Call to end policy uncertainty Eskom’s renewable argument fatally flawed
Eskom's decision not to sign any further Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), except with the current Preferred Bidders of Round 4.5, flies directly against the Department of
26 Aug 2016
Renewables Private sector investment in solar PV faces risks
“South Africa’s energy mix is expected to shift considerably towards renewables over the next two decades”. That is according to Eskom’s Chairperson, Dr. Ben Ngubane, quoted in the state-owned utility’s media.
28 Jul 2016
Investment Financing a brighter tomorrow
The continued development of Southern Africa’s economies relies on the supply of ample power over a large spectrum of energy options to satisfy rocketing demands.
22 Jul 2015
ENERGY Financial benefits for SA from renewables exceed costs
An independent study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has found that renewable energy from South Africa's first wind and solar (photovoltaic, or PV) projects....
26 Jan 2015
A joint venture Working together in the renewable sector
juwi Shizen Energy is a joint venture between Shizen Energy Inc. and the juwi group. The joint venture was formed in 2013 with the aim of expanding renewable energies to Japan.
24 Jan 2013 - M. L.


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