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Mining Indaba 2017 interview Seeing the bigger picture: How sustainable is mining in South Africa?
Dr Jenny Broadhurst, Chief Research Officer at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town chats with editor Gregory Simpson during the annual Sustainability Breakfast hosted by Digby Wells,
23 Feb 2017
Eskom's electricity hikes How transparent is the rationale behind the mooted increase?
Eskom already invests, and has to continue to invest, considerable amounts in new plants to ensure a reliable supply of energy for South Africa’s developing economy
18 Mar 2013 - L. L.
David Bartlett: The building whisperer Africa could be the vanguard of a new global movement to smart cities
Experts say South African cities have the potential to be the first truly 'smart' cities on the continent and develop significant competitive advantage in this regard - if the conversation starts now.
13 Feb 2013 - N. A.


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