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Power generation: mining Independent power producers to help in delivery of more developed power network
The southern African countries of Namibia, Botswana and Zambia are on course for robust economic growth, powered largely by their mining sectors
06 Mar 2013 - S. J.
Uranium price to increase The global demand, particularly from emerging markets for uranium, sets in motion a price increase
Southern Africa is set to benefit from the rising demand for nuclear power seeing that emerging economies are developing, and has 13 major nuclear development projects on the go in the region
11 Jan 2013 - S. J.
KSE wins Award Frost & Sullivan bestows award to Karoo Sustainable Energy Ltd
Based on its recent analysis of the power generation market, Frost & Sullivan recognised Karoo Sustainable Energy (Pty) Ltd (KSE) with the 2012 Africa Competitive Strategy Leadership Award
22 Oct 2012


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