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Zeroth Energy Three steps to cheaper cleaner energy
Without any doubt, SOLAR ENERGY is a far better, cleaner energy than fossil fuels. The benefits of SOLAR ENERGY far outweighs fossil related energy and has undeniable benefits and
06 Nov 2018
Renewable energy generation An Artificial Intelligence approach for combustion modelling applied to renewable energy generation
The availability of energy is of great concern to human society. As fossil fuels are being depleted, there is a need to find new energy sources. At the same time, climate change
11 Sep 2018 - J. T.
The controversial hunt for shale gas A viable source to revolutionise the energy industry or environmental suicide?
What is shale gas and how is it mined? Shale gas is a fossil fuel in the form of an earth gas that is found deep in shale rock layers. The gas is mined through hydraulic
19 Mar 2018
Renewable energy is cheaper The perception that fossil fuels are cheaper than renewables is out of date
Since fossil fuel resources are finite and the world’s hunger for energy is higher than ever before, there is only one direction in which prices for coal, oil and gas will go – and that is up
05 Mar 2013 - G. A.
Keeping it clean China continues to lead global clean energy technology markets
Renewable energy efficiency is achievable with the use of clean technology – a fore runner of clean tech being China.
21 Dec 2012 - R. D.


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